The Story of Catamates

The Catamates team was formed by young but experienced professionals, who deal with advanced programming to apply logical and simple solutions in everyday life.

Some time ago, we came across a BLOG full of critics saying there is no proper software available for managing collections and that encouraged us to develop such software on our own.

In the first place, we wanted to solve the main disadvantage of every available collection management software – manual import. We managed to solve this problem in collaboration with Colnect (, a free online database) that allows you to use their data for automatic import.

The main goal of our company is to develop software that collectors worldwide find useful, meaning that programs are designed to bring something new to the table. The user friendly interface and automatic import (thanks to Colnect API) will save you a lot of time you would normally spend for manually entering information. Catamates software will make managing large amount of data easier than ever.

Our pioneer product Stamp Mate is considered to be one of the most advanced stamp collection organizers in the market today.

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